Wealth Vase

Wealth Vase - The Feng Shui Way
Wealth Vase

The Chinese have been creating Wealth Vases for their homes and businesses for thousands of years to create prosperity. Now you can make one for your own home to create abundance in your life.

Your Wealth Vase Kit includes:

A beautiful hand-painted Wealth Vase, Rice and Beans, Golden Buddah, Pyrite (Fools Gold), Quartz Crystals, 3 Chinese coins tied with red thread, Gold Ingot, Five Element Fabrics, and Five Element thread.

You will need to ask a wealthy friend or business for about a cup of soil from their property to provide a good foundation for your ingredients. Complete instructions are included in your kit.

Price $68 plus shipping.

To place your order, please email: info@thefengshuiway.ca