Feng Shui Way - ConsultationsPROCESS

Your consultation involves two visits. On the first visit you will provide me with:

  • A floor plan of your home or office
  • The year your home was built and the date of any major renovations
  • Birthdates of all family membersĀ 
  • Any specific concerns you might have

Our second visit will take about 3 hours.

I will review the energy blueprint of your home and provide a written report with specific remedies for the negative areas and enhancements for the positive areas.

The fee for an apartment starts at $350, and $450 for a home. Travel costs may apply depending upon where you live.

This includes email and phone follow-up for six months.


Do you have one part of your home or office that makes you feel uncomfortable? We are offering a two hour consultation for just $100. I will come to your home in the GTA-Niagara region and do a shorter consultation to improve the energy in your bedroom, home office, or any other room.

Call 289.686.8818 or email info@thefengshuiway.ca to arrange an appointment.