Balance, Harmony, Well-BeingFeng Shui is an ancient Chinese Art of living in harmony with our environment, and the study of how our surroundings affect our personal and business lives. Traditional Feng Shui Consultants study ancient Chinese principles handed down by the Masters to analyze our external and internal environment. Feng Shui was introduced to the Western World in the 1970's. Until then it was a closely-guarded secret reserved for Chinese aristocracy and government. At that time Masters who were also fluent in English began sharing their secrets with the rest of the world, and began to organize courses and workshops to teach the English-speaking world. Some newer simplified versions of Feng Shui were developed as it became popular in North America, but traditional Feng Shui practitioners still use the formulas handed down from the original Masters.


We are in a time of turmoil, and are looking for solutions to improve the quality of our lives. We are eating organic foods and searching for holistic remedies instead of traditional medical remedies. Feng Shui is a natural solution to improve the way we feel at home and in our work places.


Dianne Bullied B.A., Founder of The Feng Shui Way, has been providing Traditional Feng Shui Services since 1999. Dianne studied with Master Joseph Yu, and is a Senior Practitioner with the Feng Shui Research Centre. She is also a certified Home Stager and Colour Consultant. Learn more about Dianne . . .


Everything in and around your home and business can affect the way your feel. Good energy flow in your home has a measurable effect on your health, relationships and prosperity. With Feng Shui, you can take advantage of powerful energies in your environment to help you live in harmony.

Health, Happiness, and Prosperity, a Gift from the Ancient World
Health, Happiness, and Prosperity, a Gift from the Ancient World